Phase 1 - Aggregate Search

The research network is comprised of a defined subset of institutions that agree to follow a common set of principles designed to help insure the long-term success of the network, garner institutional support and provide clarity to the purpose of the network. Our focus in the Phase 1 pilot is to gain institutional buy-in to the general idea of building a national network. We expect the architectural details, user interface, and functionality will evolve over time.

Principles of the Pilot Network

  • In this initial phase of implementation member institutions agree to participate in a shared search query framework that enables the discovery of people at their institution by member institutions via a described API.
  • Each member must respond to search queries with a standardized response containing the aggregate number of people who match the search and a URL to view the full result set in the responding institution's native profile system.
  • Both the aggregate number and the full results set should have a reasonable degree of accuracy and relevance to the search query. (ie. no overstating or skewing of results).
  • The number of individuals shown in the full result set should match the number sent as the aggregate count and should be repeatable on all nodes performing searches of the network.
  • Institutions participating in the pilot phase agree to provide usage metrics to aid in analyzing the effectiveness of the network. These will include measuring the number of inbound search queries, the number of visits to the full result set from other nodes, the number of outbound search queries and the number of click-throughs to full result sets on other nodes.
  • The implementation of the federated search interface is in the control of each site and can be tailored to suit specific needs so long as the API standards are followed and the spirit of the network is maintained.

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