A Network for All

The DIRECT2Experts network, open to all biomedical institutions, is a pilot project facilitated by the Research Networking Working Group of the NIH-supported Clinical & Translational Science Award (CTSA) Consortium.

Our Goal

To improve biomedical research and leverage our strengths as a community by creating a network that enables easy access to expertise and related resources across institutions regardless of local platforms and tools, and in collaboration with participating institutions to ensure access to approved and verified data.

What makes DIRECT2Experts different?

• Rather than searching public databases or asking individual researchers to "sign-up", DIRECT2Experts works directly with institutions to connect to their existing research networking tools.
• DIRECT2Experts works across different software products and respects local privacy policies, enabling many institutions to participate.
• The focus of DIRECT2Experts is to bring more institutions and investigators into the fold, allowing for an assessment of the value provided and challenges of searching a national network.