Integrated Search

Integrated Search combines individual experts from different institutions into a single list. The demo below uses a completely federated architecture, with no data stored centrally. In that respect it is similar to approach used by Direct2Expert's Aggregate Search tool. Other integrated search tools that use different technical architectures include CTSASearch and VIVOSearch.

Try an Integrated Search

Enter a search phrase, such as "informatics" in the form below to search for experts.

Find Experts:  
Sort method:
As it comes - Names are returned in the order in which they are received back.
Alpha by name - All matching names are sorted alphabetically, regardless of their expertise.
Alpha by institution - Institutions are sorted alphabetically, with names returned by institution rank.
Round robin - The best match from each institution is listed, then the second best match, etc.
Local percentile - The local institution rank is divided by the number of matches at that institution to determine a local percentile.